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About Us

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Our Philosophy

At Eaves Web Design & Marketing Services, our passion is to create highly functional, innovative, visually appealing website designs and holistic marketing systems that promote business growth. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of technical experience and creativity. We keep up with the ever-evolving technology and ensure we only incorporate the best for your business. Every client can expect nothing but the best professionalism, customer service, and creativity from our experienced, dedicated staff at Eaves Web Design & Marketing Services.


Why Use Holistic Systems?

ho·​lis·​tic:  relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts

Eaves Web Design & Marketing Services was founded on the idea that every business needs a holistic marketing strategy.  Our goal is to help increase your business’s revenues by providing multiple systems that work together towards one common goal: Growth.  With our years of experience, we know what it takes to make your business prosper online.  We’ve created three main pillars for our clients: website design, brand referral system, and social referral system.  And we offer all these services at affordable prices so you can grow your revenue and maintain a competitive edge in your industry!

Our Holistic Philosophy

Eaves Web Design & Marketing Services is a full-service web design and marketing company that specializes in transforming small businesses into profitable brands.  We offer highly functional, innovative, visually appealing website designs, holistic marketing systems, and custom-tailored internet strategies to help our clients grow their business.  Our passion is to create websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also engage your visitors and meet your business goals.  Our team has an excellent reputation for creating highly customized designs with unique features that promote business growth for any type of site or industry.

For those clients who need more than just a beautiful website, we provide holistic marketing systems that work together with your site to help your small business gain increased business visibility on the web.  We take pride in our work, offering competitive prices and delivering quality results for your business.  Before getting started on your project, we'll listen closely to your needs so you can expect a website and marketing system that's tailored just for you!


About Our Mission

In January 2016 there was a forecast for a “massive” snowstorm in Mississippi. The county was trying to decide whether they were going to close the schools since it would have been a Friday and that meant the students in food insecure households would not eat until Monday.

I was shocked to hear that we had over 700 students in our affluent community that were food insecure (which is a fancy new way of saying starving).

It always bothered me to hear celebrities, musicians, sports stars raise money to feed the poor in other countries. Surely there were starving kids in the United States.

This tidbit of information spurred me to action and I did some digging around. Here’s my video rant after I found statistics.

15 million children in the United States, more than the entire population of adults and children in some of the countries we feed.

I took action during the summer of 2016. We got together a group of 50 people who fed 100 families all summer. They had more than enough food for the kids to be happy and full. In the summer of 2017 we had our second annual feeding of over 200 families all summer. The annual feeding has continued every summer since 2016.


This initiative sparked our mission.

We envision a foundation that helps to feed the food insecure children in the United States. Not only will it keep them fed but it will also provide new clothes and school supplies for the beginning of each semester of school.


We urge you to learn the statistics and find a way to help the food insecure children in your area. Only together can we combat this overwhelming need in our country.

We strive to leave this world and the lives we touch better than we found them, and all this is done with Passion and Integrity.

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