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Google Business Profile Training Videos

Welcome & Happy Learning!

Watch the videos below.  If you have questions, need help, or want to know more, give us a call at (662) 298-3540 or email us at

And don’t forget to download your PDF – 8 Steps To Increase Exposure On Google.

Step 1 – Important!  Claim & Verify Your Google Business Profile

Step 2 – Your Google Business Profile

This is where you lay out all your business information – phone, address, website, hours, etc.  Sometimes Google will gather information from other places it finds on the internet to pull business profiles together.  If you didn’t create your profile but you find you have one, you definitely want to make sure this information is correct.

Step 3 – Posting and Messaging in Your Google Business Profile

Posting keeps your profile fresh.  A fresh profile means Google views it more important than other profiles.  Messaging allows your customers direct access to your business.

So… is it feeling like a lot?

I mean, who has time to wait two weeks for verification, then upload all of your business information, then stay on top of reviews, posts, and customer messages?

Well, don’t worry!  The truth is, you can actually get your Google Business Profile listing made up for free. That’s right — FREE exposure, and FREE setup!  Do you want to know how?

Just fill out this form, we will tell you how to get this done for you, for free.  (Seriously!)

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