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Social Referral System

Social media is one of the most popular online activities.  3.6 billion people worldwide utilize social media at least once a day.  The number is estimated to increase to 4.41 billion by 2025.


Because U.S. users spend an average of one hour and 57 minutes on social media each day, social media marketing services is an extremely important part of your business’s marketing strategy. 


Whether you're a small business owner or you work for a small business, social media has never been more important than it is now.  Social networks like Facebook and Twitter give businesses the opportunity to share their products with potential customers in an entirely new way.  Social media is one of the best ways to reach a larger audience, grab your customers' attention, build brand awareness, and increase sales.  The more people know who your company is, the more likely they'll be to buy from you in the future!   


Social media is also an excellent way to keep an eye on your competition.  You want to know every step your competitors are taking so you can make better decisions for your business.


If you’re not implementing Social Media Marketing correctly, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

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Expected Results From Our Social Referral System

  • Building relationships and trust with new customers

  • Increased exposure for your brand

  • Reach a larger audience

  • A way to communicate directly with consumers and answer their questions

  • Increase revenue

  • Build customer satisfaction

  • Opportunity to showcase your personality which helps clients connect on a deeper level than just being another company name

Your Business Benefits

Social Media Strategy Development (Includes Offer Consultation)

We help you develop your own social media marketing strategy so that you're not just surviving in this digital age but thriving in it.  One of the most important steps in developing a successful social media marketing strategy is to be consistent.  This means posting on all your channels regularly and making sure that each post serves a purpose for your business.  You'll need to plan out what content you want to share with your followers and how often that content will change so they don't get bored with reading about the same topic repeatedly.  Using our New Client Interview, we will develop a social media strategy customized to your business and your brand.  This strategy will lead to immediate social activity with increased engagement on posts and videos.

Social Media Content & Video Creation

Writing posts can be difficult, especially when you're trying to come up with content ideas.  Your company might already have a great social media marketing strategy in place, but how often are you posting?  Are your posts engaging enough for people to actually read them and follow the link that's provided at the end of each post?  If not, chances are they scroll right past without reading anything.  Our content creation includes a variety of packages to post on up to 2 social media profiles.  The videos creatives can include illustration videos, doodle videos on blackboard or whiteboard, or videos set to music.  These are structured to answer frequently asked questions to increase buying opportunities.

Social Media Content Promotion

Promoting your social media content is probably the most important part of being successful on social media. That's why you must be strategic about it.  You need a plan, and that plan needs to include a schedule so you can stick with it.  We will promote your social media content on Facebook specifically targeting your ideal customer and location.  This will include boosting the video post to your audience and geolocation for $1/day for 30 days to extend your business brand.

Audience List Building (For Future Sales & Promotions)

It can be tough to find an audience for your product or service.  But with audience building on social media, you can create a responsive and interested group of people who are ready and waiting to hear from you.  It's also one of the easiest ways to build an email list for marketing purposes.  With the right approach, we can help you quickly and easily create a targeted list of potential customers who will be excited to hear about your products and services.  So why wait?  Sign up today and see the amazing results for yourself!

Your Bonuses

Unlimited Social & Video Creative Design

Weekly content and video creation of up to 7 image posts plus 1 video post per week which will be distributed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and your Google My Business listing.  Included with the 1 video post per week, you can choose social media content creation in packs of 1 post/week, 3 posts/week, 5 posts/week, or 7 posts/week. 

Facebook Business Page Setup

If you're a small business owner, chances are you have a Facebook page.  But if your Facebook page isn't generating the results that you'd like it to be, there could be a simple reason why: You haven't set up your business page yet.  That's right - setting up your business page is an important step that many people overlook when they first join the social network.  We'll help you do just that: we'll create a free Facebook business page for your business and give you some tips on how to use it.   (This bonus is included in case you did not purchase the Brand Referral System.)

($1,999 Monthly Value)
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